Structures of Landscaping

Stone Walls/Fences & Borders

Innovators utilizes all kinds of stones in many forms to construct walls, fence line or free standing walls that can match the existing style of your landscaping garden or create the best stonewall that fits the clients need. A natural stone provides a clean and orderly wall, versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Whether it could be for residential or commercial use.


(Soil improvement, bed preparation and mulching) Lawns and shrubs enrich the view of the landscape properties into a more unique garden or landscape spaces. Proper mowing practices are necessary to keep any lawn healthy and attractive.

Planting / Automatic Irrigation System

Most clients find plants or soft scape more relaxing than hard scape, but as season change most especially here in Dubai, plants like shrubs/bushes, flowers and trees are excellent choices for a relaxing ambiance of a scorching weather. For automatic irrigation system we always advise using well made. Reliable and sturdy components. We insist on installing only the best quality component we can find . We use parts and component by Rain birds, Hunter, etc. Similar vendors with reputation for quality.

Water Features/Pools/Fountains

Pools remarkably stretch a good atmosphere to any courtyard or any landscape garden. This may add more of a comforting place to sit and enjoy. Swimming pools big or small is a very common component of a backyard landscaping. These compose of making fountains, ponds completed with all fittings. This artwork has been an added feature to our line of activity where we can able to provide the clients and make it easier for them to choose from a variety of types and sizes depending on their choice of need.

Tiles /Pavers & Stones

Aside from supplying different kinds of stones, marble and granite , Innovators view Landscaping supports in the selection of a variety of stone items design to every clients need. There are alternative ways to create a patio, walkways or deck using these elements. In addition to it, tents, fences and sculpture columns with decorative carvings is integrated into any landscape design that will add up to the style of your choice.. Innovators is considered to be one of the most primitive materials used due to its unique has been observed that Innovators preserve the cultural heritage look of the local emirates properties in all conditions

Carpentry Work

To beautify the landscaping view we always advise to have wood work facility to our clients. We are expert in designing and making wooden Decks, Pergolas, Gazebos, etc. Using the best quality of wood and paint, modern design and carpentry skills.

Lightning/ Garden Decors

innovators has landscape accessories that are available and can extend to a new concept of a landscape design adjustment needs. Benches, ornaments or stone crafted designs and decorative planters, vase are available from our accessories which will enhance the look of your garden or outdoor space. Lightning is another great extender while staying outside of the garden, walkway /pathways. This supports the design and creates a vital part for your Landscape design.

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